A world transformed by insect technology

A growing population and increasing demand for food and raw materials requires sustainable, scalable solutions that keep our world healthy.

The technology

We are pioneering the insect agriculture industry by integrating a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to operate the smartest and most environmentally responsible protein production system on the planet.

Graphic icon that represents scalability.

Our production system is designed with rapid scalability in mind

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We leverage robotics, ASRS technology and automation to continually improve

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Indoor production ensures full environmental and quality control

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Daily data collection to better understand our insects

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Machine learning generates insights, resulting in a self-optimizing facility

We are inspired by the endless potential of our natural world, and we have the Audacity, Skills, Passion, Integrity, Resilience and Excellence to unleash it.



Aspire launches after winning 2013 Hult Prize


Aspire raises $4.25M in seed funding and launches operations in Ghana and the USA


Aspire raises $9M in Series A and builds first automated cricket farming facility in Austin, Texas


Aspire is named to 2018 World Changing Ideas


Aspire closes major customer deal, landing $40M in Series B to build commercial facility


Aspire breaks ground in London, ON to build world’s largest cricket production facility


  • Aspire named top AI solution to address hunger

  • Construction of London, ON facility completed

  • MOU signed with Lotte Confectionary


We’re more than just a name. Tap or hover over each letter to find out for yourself.

Audacity: we are competitive, innovative, and dream big

Skill: we are competent, data-driven, and curious

Passion: we are impact-centered, profit-minded, and market-driven

Integrity: we are ethical, trusting, humble and candid

Resilience: we collaborate to overcome adversity and setbacks with fierce determination

Excellence: we aim to be world-class in everything we do and believe kindness is a competitive advantage

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