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Hoppy Planet Foods acquires EXO Protein from Aspire Food Group

Press Release

 Aspire Food Group Advances its Role as an Ingredient Manufacturer of Planet Friendly Protein with the Announcement of the Sale of EXO Protein

London, ON., September 16, 2021 - Aspire Food Group, a global leader in insect agriculture, has completed the sale of its EXO brand to Hoppy Planet Foods. Aspire will continue to be the exclusive ingredient supplier of cricket protein for Hoppy Planet Foods.

“We are extremely excited to welcome EXO into the Hoppy Planet Foods family,” said CEO Matt Beck. “Adding EXO's performance-focused foods to our better-for-you indulgent snacks means people can now have delicious, more nutritious, and sustainable snacks anytime, anywhere. We look forward to continuing to partner with Aspire Food Group as we feed the rapidly growing demand for our Acheta Protein products.”

“Hoppy Planet Foods is a growing brand led by an energetic team with retail products in several snack categories across North America,” said Mohammed Ashour, CEO at Aspire Food Group. “The change in EXO's ownership allows Aspire to focus on its goal of bringing high-quality cricket protein ingredients to the mainstream. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with Hoppy Planet as they grow and scale.”

The edible insect protein market is growing at a rapid pace and Aspire Food Group is well-positioned to support food manufacturers and product developers to meet the growing need for a healthier and cleaner protein ingredient through its London facility, which is currently under construction. The state-of-the-art facility in London will be the world's largest, fully-automated cricket production and processing facility, leveraging technologies including robotics, Dematic automated storage and retrieval (ASRS), and artificial intelligence.

About Aspire Food Group

Aspire Food Group is a world leader in building the world's lowest-cost, highest-density, and most ethical automated food-grade protein production systems. Aspire raises and processes crickets into all-natural, sustainable, superfood ingredients that are nutritionally on par with, or superior to, livestock, cell-cultured, and plant-based alternatives. Aspire targets markets that utilize crickets and their byproducts in products that benefit people, pets, and plants. Aspire Food Group is a Canadian company which operates in London, Ontario, and Austin, Texas.

About Hoppy Planet Foods

Hoppy Planet Foods quickly soared as a leader in sustainable Acheta Protein snacks since its founding in 2018. Rebuilding classic confections like cookies, mini muffins, and brownies with an Acheta Protein boost and better-for-you ingredients, the brand has grown to national retail distribution by catering to the casually-active, family-focused consumer. With ever-increasing climatic disasters, now is the time to convert all customers into sustainable snackers. Hoppy Planet Foods products can be found around the country in stores such as Hy-Vee supermarkets, as well as online at hoppyplanetfoods.com.

Aspire Food Group Limited

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SOURCE Aspire Food Group

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About Aspire

For everyone at Aspire, our long-term vision is to celebrate, innovate, and advance responsible farming and healthy eating of insects. We will continue to research and invest in sustainable insect farming practices to bring this protein alternative to market.