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Recent Media Featuring Aspire Food Group

These 6 startups are creating buzz around edible insects

News Article

The term entomophagy — the practice of eating insects — may initially sound strange. We rarely hear about insect-eating outside the context of a kindergarten playground.

Sustainability through insect farming: $2.2M NSF grant funds center to address food shortages

News Article

INDIANAPOLIS -- Scientists at IUPUI, the Indiana University School of Medicine and two other U.S. universities, along with industrial partners, will explore the use of insects as food and...

Aspire Food Group tackling tech and data challenges in the midst of supply chain crunches

News Article

The CEO and Co-Founder of Aspire Food Group, a cricket protein manufacturer, is currently heading an expansion on the heels of their $16.8M in funding from NGen which includes a...

Tech called a game-changer for ag

News Article

Food companies are using technology to push boundaries and make production more sustainable, reliable and secure. Compared to cattle, crickets punch far above their weight as a source of protein.

The 519 Podcast presents: Cricket café? The future of food

News Article

It’s no secret that farming beef or pork has a massive environmental footprint. Perhaps those food options will be less common in the future.

Insect poop can be used to make sustainable fertilizer — and help plants weather climate change

News Article

Experts say it's the oldest fertilizer available and can be found in nearly every ecosystem — so why aren't we spooning more insect poop onto our home gardens and greenhouse crops? 

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