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Recent Media Featuring Aspire Food Group

NACIA & Aspire Food Group Release Edible Insect Consumer Acceptance Research

News Article

The North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture and Aspire Food Group are pleased to launch the largest publicly available consumer acceptance research about insects as food. The research, conducted in 2020 by the Hartman Group, casts light on total addressable market, consumer profiles for those who have tried insects, or who are open to it, as well as insights about what types of food products could best reach these eaters. 

Webinar: Adopting AI in Advanced Manufacturing & Agriculture

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Interested in learning more about how AI factors into our mission? In this webinar moderated by Stephen Ibaraki, you will hear from Aspire, DarwinAI, and Telus Agriculture as they discuss the challenges of advanced manufacturing, digital transformation, AI and sustainability efforts, the role of 5G networks, and ethical and trustworthy AI in manufacturing. 

Global Manufacturers that Roll Planet Preservation into Their Business Plans

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Aspire is featured in this article as a leading global manufacturing company that is taking proactive and progressive approaches toward sustainability.

The New York Times - The Joy of Cooking (Insects)

News Article

At Aspire Food Group, we are building the most advanced indoor insect farming system on the planet. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with The New York Times to discuss the future of insect agriculture. View the entire piece below; learn more about our new facility and how our self-optimizing technology is pioneering the most resourceful, humane, and humble form of agriculture.

Can Emerging Economies Leverage the Foods of the Future

News Article

The production and consumption of food accounts for over 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of freshwater consumption, highlighting the importance of fostering food-production systems that consume fewer resources and are more resilient to climate change.

The Economist: Will you be eating insects soon?

News Article

Throughout history, insects have been a part of our diets, but how we raise them has changed drastically over the past decade. Aspire was honored to sit down with the Economist and discuss our new commercial facility in London, ON. View the piece below and discover more about how we are turning a legacy system into a virtuous cycle through the power of technology.

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